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Water Testing Kit

Chemical Only 

Our entry level service; provides chemical water check for chlorine and PH, and chemical balancing.  This service type assists with maintaining swimming pool chemistry.  


Customers that choose this option are looking for assistance with water maintenance and chemical balance, but remain active with their pools overall well-being by maintaining the brushing, netting and baskets involved with their pool’s operation

Chem + Filter

Our most popular service; Chem+Filter, provides the same water check & balance as Chemical Only and includes weekly assistance with emptying filter baskets. 


Chem+Filter service also includes pool filter cartridge cleaning twice a year.  


This option offers extra help that many pool owners need; pool and filter baskets emptied weekly as well as the added comfort of knowing that the pool filter cartridges* will be cleaned twice** a year

Pool Skimmer Net

Full Service

Full-service option is for those who are looking to reduce their involvement with their pool operation.   Full Service includes all of the same benefits of Chem + Filter and includes brushing of pool walls, and top water debris skimming.   


Our Full-Service option does require that customers maintain an operational pool sweep for removal of pool floor debris.    Full Service also includes filter cartridge* cleaning twice** a year

We also extend our services by providing assistance with pool equipment repairs, swimming pool sweepers/cleaners, pump filter replacements, and other related operational equipment, such as motors, impellers, time clocks, and much more! 




Call us today at 209-968-4232 to learn more about our service and pricing options.   Regular pool service with Swim Pros will help keep your pool at its best!



*Filter Cartridge replace costs are not included in service.  Cartridge replacement costs are separate from service.  

**Filter cleaning is provided twice per year at the discretion of Swim Pros.   Filter cleaning process typically occurs during the months of August/September and March/April.  Customers requiring more than two filter cartridge cleanings will be subject to additional charges.

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